What to Look for When Buying an Ice Maker for your RV

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While you can always bring ice packs or buy bags of ice cubes along the way, your best bet to having a good supply of ice while on the road is to invest in an RV portable ice maker.

For one, finding convenience shops is a challenge especially when you are travelling to a remote destination. Dirty or contaminated ice is another problem should you be able to find a place to buy a supply. Then comes storage - bags of ice can take up a lot of space in your fridge or cooler. During hot seasons, the supply you've bought is likely to melt even before you can put them in use.

Best things about an RV Ice maker

Ice Maker for Your RV

A portable ice maker is an RV appliance that you can call a "good buy" because...

  • …it saves you a lot of money buying bags of ice cubes from convenience shops. It also indirectly saves you money on gas that you use to drive around when looking for shops to get ice cubes from.
  • …you can be sure of the quality and safety of the ice cubes you will use. You don't have to worry about ingesting contaminants that could pose health hazards.
  •  …it needs nothing but basic cleaning and maintenance to stay in top shape. Purchasing a brand new RV ice maker also comes with an option for extended warranty or priority customer service these days so you get all the help you need to keep your ice maker in top shape for longer.

Things to Consider when Buying a Portable Ice Maker

While it is simple to find portable ice makers for you RV, there are a few important considerations you need to know in order to get a machine that actually fits your needs and preferences. These considerations are as follows:

Ice Maker for Your RV - Features.jpg
  1. Machine size – prior to buying an ice maker, be sure to plan out where you will place it. Even when portable ice makers are small compared to other types, be sure to have at least a couple of inches between the machine and other appliances. It is also important to secure a place for the machine that is away from the window or any source of heat and direct sunlight so as not to hamper its ice production process.

  2. Ice production yield and rate – smaller portable ice makers make about 20 pounds of ice cubes each day while the bigger ones can yield up to 35 pounds. Aside from the yield, the rate or speed at which these cubes are made is also important to know. You'd want a machine that gives off a batch in about 7 minutes and never beyond 10 minutes.

  3. Innovative options and inclusions (cube size, cube density & timer, auto on/off) - manufacturers are now keen at coming up with innovations for the latest ice maker models. If you can stretch your budget a little, you may be able to get a great portable ice maker for you RV that includes one or two of these common innovative inclusions:
    • cube size selections
    • timer and auto-off
    • intelligent water use
    • water dispenser
    • ice scoop

A good supply of ice in your RV is more of a necessity than a luxury. Drinks are more refreshing and enjoyable when served cold after a long drive especially during the hot months. And when off grid, ice is used to administer cold therapy as an immediate first aid treatment in ankle sprains, muscle tears, and bruising.

Truly, an RV portable ice maker is one that pays for itself. So if you are planning to hit the road this spring, be sure not to leave without your ice maker. If you need help finding a good portable ice maker, you can check out the latest ice maker models we have reviewed. Good luck!

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