NutriChef PICEM75 Digital Portable Ice Maker Machine Review

NutriChef PICEM75

Having ice cubes on-demand is more than a luxury. It is a must especially when you are out camping during hot weather. This is where a trusty portable ice maker becomes a must-have.

 Among the best things to look for when getting one are:

  • speed of ice production and total yield per day,
  • safety features such as light indicators, timers, and auto-start/stop options; and
  • water tank & basket capacity

Sanitation has been among the latest concepts of innovations for ice making machines. It started with manufacturers adding BPA-free plastic ice scoops to ensure that there will be no hand-to-ice contact when getting ice from the basket. And then came the see-through windows to eliminate unnecessary opening of the ice basket compartment, so as not to let dust and contaminants get in the ice.

Generally, these smaller ice makers do not demand as much installment and maintenance complexity as that of their predecessors. However, the compact design of portable ice makers made them popular not only among those who can use an ice-making machine that don't use up as much space as bulky wall-mounted ice makers.

NutriChef PICEM75


The Product


  • Yields up to 33 pounds of ice per day
  • Produces ice in 10 minutes
  • Choose from 2 ice cube sizes
  • Fill your tank in 2 ways: manually or via water supply pipe line
  • Water dispenser shute


Consider this: how about having an ice maker that features innovations listed above but with a higher capacity and an added feature of a built in water dispenser?


The reason why we love the Upgraded NutriChef Digital Portable Ice Maker Machine is the added convenience it gives through its water dispenser feature.

It simply takes the terms "portable" and "compact" to a whole new level. When working in a kitchen with very limited space like in an RV, a boat, a car or even in pad type apartments, getting an appliance that marries 2 functions in one is a delight.

It is also one of the few ice makers that give as much as 33 pounds of ice per day.  Given the fact that it is a counter top type machine, this daily yield is impressive and it suits not only outdoor lovers who need to hydrate often and home makers.

It is also ideal for use in offices and mini bars where there is a continued need for ice throughout the day. Speaking of mini bars, it is worth-mentioning that the unit comes with a 4.6 feet cord which makes it easy to bring the unit outside during a party - no more countless trips to the kitchen when serving drinks.

What Others Say

This unit is among the most well-reviewed portable ice makers in Amazon. The best things that reviews love about this model is how fast it is able to make ice, its high yield, and the option to refill the water tank via water supply lines.

While it does not have the auto-stop feature like most evolved ice making machines, it auto-starts when the ice in the basket is low.

NutriChef PICEM75 - Water Dispenser


On the downside, reviewers have mentioned how it does not include a water filter feature. Also, some have trouble with the dispensing button. At some point theirs stopped working so they have to dig for ice from the compartment.

Lastly, the 1.8 liter water tank is a little to small for a machine that can produce up to 33 pounds of ice. This means you may need to manually refill more often than when using other models. However, the option for connecting the machine directly to a water source can solve this con.

Buying Advice

There really is not one "ultimate ice maker" for every need. Each home, each RV, and each office have their own unique sets of demands for convenience. However, if you are looking for an ice maker that is truly compact and yet is able to give you cold drinks on demand, then the Nutrichef PICEM75 is worth considering.


This machine can be expensive at $220.00 compared to most machines that cost only around $120.00. However, its high ice cube yield and innovative features can justify the cost especially if you need to produce a huge amount of ice cubes often.

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