EdgeStar IB120SS Built-In Ice Maker Review

EdgeStar IB120SS Built-In Ice Maker Review

Up until relatively recently, ice was not as common as one would think. Effective refrigeration systems have only existed for the past century, and that time span is still being quite generous. You will find that widespread access to refrigeration systems, even in high-income countries was still rather rare, even as recently as 70 years ago.

Without refrigeration, ice cannot be made, since you require a method to cool water down to the temperature at which it freezes. You will find that some countries in the southern hemisphere or near the equator had inhabitants who went their whole lives without seeing ice even once.

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While it may seem strange today, since we live in a world in which we can simply go to the corner store and buy five-pound bags of ice, this was how it was for the majority of human history. The amount of technology and effort that has gone into making sure that you can sip your cold beverage on a hot day is mind-boggling.

Today, we have several methods to get our ice, but we will be talking about the most efficient method today. We are going to be talking about ice machines. More specifically, we are going to be reviewing one of the better models of ice machine that you will come across which is available for home use.

It may seem difficult to decide on an ice machine when you begin your search, especially if you have never before purchased one, but we are here to help. It is for this reason that we will be taking a look at one of the aspects which you should consider before purchasing your ice machine.

If you are already confident that you know what you need in your new ice machine, feel free to skip the next section and get right to the review.

Ice Shapes

Ice makers can produce ice in a variety of different forms, and while it may seem like a stylistic choice to the uninformed, you will find that each different ice shape has its pros and cons. The most typical ice shape that you will come across is the ice cube, which has the advantage of relatively small size and simple production.

Ice cubes are ideal for general purpose uses since they are so versatile, but they lack the specific advantages that are inherent to other ice types. On the other end of the spectrum, you have gourmet ice, which is one of the more complex ice shapes that you can opt for.

Gourmet ice is ideal for use in alcoholic beverages of high quality that you do not want to be watered down. This is due to their dense composition which ensures that they will keep your drink cold without watering it down. They are often shaped like top hats, so they are quite recognizable.

A more specialized ice type that you will come across is the ice flake. Ice flakes are made more for display purposes than anything. Their relatively low volume and high surface area will ensure that they melt faster in drinks than other types, but they make for excellent beds of ice, such as for fish.

The Product


  • The front-mounted vent ensures that it will be free of any obstructions
  • The 25-foot water line will be long enough to connect to most piping
  • Features a reversible door for better positioning
  • Installation process is relatively straightforward
  • Can make 12 pounds of ice daily
  • Bin can contain up to six pounds of ice
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This ice maker is manufactured by EdgeStar, and it is one of their better models. This ice maker tends to be a little more convenient than most other options when it comes to a built-in ice maker.


There are many features that we were impressed with when we first used this product. Before even turning it on, we were huge fans of the relatively simple installation process which does not even require a plumber if you are suitably handy. If you are uncomfortable with pipes, however, you will very likely need to opt for a plumber.

It is capable of producing 12 pounds of ice in a day, which may not seem like much when compared to some other options, but it is capable of storing a larger amount than most other choices. The bin can hold up to six pounds of ice, which should be more than enough for a day’s use.

The bin is also thermally insulated, so your ice will not melt as quickly as it will in some of the cheaper competing models. It is still recommended that you transfer the ice as soon as possible after production, however, to ensure that it can keep making ice.

What Others Say

Other customers had quite a bit to say about this ice maker, and most of it was positive, which is always a good sign. Most of the positive reviews were directed at the simple installation of this model, which is something that is quite rare when it comes to under counter models.

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There were also a few negative reviews, but they were mostly about inconsequential issues such as delivery problems. Some customers were unimpressed with the relatively slow ice production capabilities, but the high capacity makes up for it.

Buying Advice

This model is one of the more affordable built-in ice makers that you will come across. While these products can regularly cost up to 1000 dollars, you will find that this model is far cheaper, about three times cheaper, to be exact. It can be found for around 300 dollars, which is quite reasonable.


If you want one of the best ice makers around that can be built directly into your cabinets, this model is arguably the best choice. We hope that this review has helped you make a decision. If you have anything to say, feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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