Della 048-GM-48186 Portable Ice Maker Review

Della 048-GM-48186 Portable Ice Maker Review

Ice has many different uses, from being placed in a cooler to ensure that food and drinks don’t end up getting too warm, to cooling your drinks down directly. You will find that there are several methods which you can use to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of ice, and we will outline a few of them before getting to our review.

The first option is using ice cube trays, which may seem like a dated method of ice production, but ice cube trays are still effective enough to be used very widely. Ice cube trays allow you to make ice without having to worry about excessive costs and issues with reliability, just fill them and put them in the freezer.

Della 048-GM-48186 Portable Ice Maker full view.


The next option is buying bagged ice, but this is not a good long term solution. You will find that your expenses for bagged ice will pile up over time if you rely on it as the primary source of ice for your household. It also has the disadvantage of forcing you to leave your home to acquire ice.

The last option and the most effective one is to invest in an ice maker. Ice makers are ideal for use in most situations because they offer a greater degree of automation than most other options. You do not need to do much to ensure that your ice maker works, aside from filling it with water if it is a portable model.

To produce ice, you need only turn on your ice maker and (optionally) choose the size of ice cubes that you would like made. This is the reason that ice makers are rapidly growing in popularity, and why they are included with most modern refrigerators.

Before we move on to our review, we are going to look at two characteristics that are integral to some of the best ice makers on the market.

User Friendliness

The degree of user friendliness of your ice maker is important to consider before you make your purchase. An ice maker which is easier to use will be more likely to be utilized in the long run. If you dread using your ice maker, it is improbable that you will end up using it for a long time.

User friendliness can end up being determined by the interface of your ice maker, or it can have to do with the amount of maintenance which is required. Depending on the type of ice maker you have, you will either have to refill it with water, or you will have to connect it to your plumbing.

Ease Of Installation

This concept is related to user friendliness, and it is also dependent on the type of ice machine that you have. The easier an ice machine is to install, the more likely that you will not have to pay extra to have it installed by an expert. Some ice maker models will have to be installed by a certified plumber.

This is dependent on the aspect which we discussed in the previous section, which is the source of water for your ice machine. You will find that models which do not need to be hooked up to your plumbing will be far less of a headache to install, and they will be far easier to bring with you if you need ice on the go.

The Product


  • Maximum ice production is 26 pounds per day
  • Features a transparent viewing window
  • This model can hold up to 1.5 pounds of ice before filling
  • Ice production cycles are six minutes long
  • Offers a choice between small and large ice cubes
  • Features an indicator light for when the when the ice bin is full
Della 048-GM-48186 Portable Ice Maker opened.


This ice maker model is made by Della, and it is one of the more affordable choices you have when purchasing a portable ice machine. There are many features which make this an ideal choice for an entry-level ice maker.


We were impressed by the relative speed with which this model produces its bullet-shaped ice cubes. You will find that it can produce over twenty pounds of ice per day, which is ideal for customers need a lot of ice in a short period, such as those who are planning a dinner party.

There are several indicators on this model that can help you use it more efficiently. For example, the indicator light for when the machine is full will ensure that you no longer need to wait until it doesn’t produce ice for six minutes until you know it is time to empty it.

While the 1.5-pound ice container is a little smaller than some other options, the ice is produced at such a rate that you will likely be putting it in the freezer soon after it is ready. The inclusion of a large viewing window on the top of this machine allows you to see the ice level as well.

What Others Say

Other customers had a great deal to say about this model of ice maker. Many consumers were impressed with the reliability of this machine, with most reporting that it functioned perfectly well for months in their updates. This is rare to find in a model in this price range.

Della 048-GM-48186 Portable Ice Maker side view.


Of the few negatives, some customers stated that they had issues with the sound that this model makes while it is making ice, likening it to a running refrigerator.

Buying Advice

This model can be found for a fraction of the cost of some other ice makers. You will find it available from retailers like Amazon as well as brick and mortar appliance stores.


We hope that we have helped you decide on the best model of ice maker for your needs with this review. There are few better options for customers who need something affordable yet still effective. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions or remarks.

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